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The agreement established below rules the use of the website e-tigre.

To agree with this term the CUSTOMER should click on I AGREE.

If the CUSTOMER does not agree with this term, do not click on I AGREE, and do not use the service made available through this instrument.

This term establishes the essential and necessary conditions for using the website, contractually regulating the relationship between the parties (TIGRE and CUSTOMER).

1. Recording of the CUSTOMER and Nondisclosure of the Information

TIGRE shall not collect any personal information which identifies individual visits to this website. Nevertheless, it may collect navigation data.

The CUSTOMER guarantees the authenticity of all the date it indicates on the website, it being its exclusive responsibility to maintain such information updated. Providing false or inaccurate information constitutes infringement of the present term, and in any case, the CUSTOMER shall always be solely and exclusively responsible for its conduct and damages caused in the scope of the website, both to it and to third parties.

2. Personal Information and Privacy

TIGRE reserves the right to modify or make any other alteration to the website, without prior notice.

3. Invasions

It is forbidden to invade this website, so that attempts in this respect shall be dealt with as per the penal typification in force at the time, as damage, theft, or another other which corresponds to the consequences of the invasion.

4. Copyright and Brands

TIGRE has logotypes and brands displayed on this website, the CUSTOMER being forbidden to use them without the prior permission in writing of TIGRE. The undue use of the logotype and brands shall be able to lead to sanctions being applied, as per the legislation in force.

The materials, information and applications contained on this website are protected by copyright and no part of this material can be modified, reproduced, stored in a recovery system, transmitted in any form or by any means, copied, distributed, used for creating adapted work or employed in any manner for commercial or public purposes without the prior agreement in writing of TIGRE.

5. Security

For your security and that of the information inserted on this website maintain your password in absolute secrecy and alter it regularly, avoiding registering passwords considered to be obvious, as dates, sequential numbers, telephone numbers and vehicle license plates, etc.

Avoid writing or recording your passwords in a manner which may be accessible and/or in a way which may be understood by third parties.

Avoid using public or computers or ones shared by other people. Illegal programs (Trojan Horses) – which capture keyboard movements can also destroy computer data – can be installed entailing your password being able to be recorded, collected and used in a fraudulent manner.

Seek to lave the computer on and connected with your password, thereby avoiding undue use by third parties.

Thus, the CUSTOMER must check the truth of the information obtained by electronic means from the website and take all the measures required to protect itself from damage, fraud or larceny.

The CUSTOMER is exclusively responsible for maintaining the nondisclosure and security of its data and password, and should inform TIGRE of any security infringement which occurs upon the website.

6. Liabilities

TIGRE is not liable for any unavailability on the website, interruption or lack of functioning or blocking in the transmission of data, delivery of products or rendering of services which are outside the reasonable control of TIGRE.

Under no circumstances shall TIGRE, its Directors, Administrators, Employees, Affiliated Companies, Workers or Contractors be liable for any indirect or punitive damages arising from the use of this website or for any other claim related in any way to its use, even though TIGRE has been notified of such possibility.

TIGRE shall not be liable in any manner, for direct or indirect damages caused to the CUSTOMER, ensuing or arising from the use of this website and its applications.

You understand that, due to the features inherent in the environment of the Internet, TIGRE cannot ensure that the access to the website is free of problems, caused by acts of God, whether internal or external, cases of force majeure or other cases not entirely subject to the direct control of TIGRE. In these conditions, the CUSTOMER undertakes to exempt TIGRE in any proceedings, of CUSTOMERS or third parties, referring to interruptions, interceptions, invasions, graffiti, transmission of virus or other unlawful acts.

7. Contact us

Requests related to access, the use and correction of personal information and data, the policies, regulations and practices of TIGRE concerning the privacy and storage of information and data should be redirected to commercial telephone.

8. Configurations

In order to access the e-Tigre portal, the user must have installed one of the following internet browsers in his/her machine: Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 8+, or Google Chrome 14+.

9. End of the relationship of the CUSTOMER with TIGRE

The term shall continue to be applied until closed by the CUSTOMER or by TIGRE, as established below.

If the CUSTOMER wishes to close its agreement with TIGRE, it can do so by closing the account related to the website, if this option is made available by TIGRE.

TIGRE can, at any moment, close the present instruments with the CUSTOMER if:

  a) The CUSTOMER has infringed any clause of this Term (or has acted in a manner which clearly shows that it does not intend to or cannot fulfill the clauses of the Term); or
  b) Such is required of TIGRE by law (for example: when the supply of the Services to the CUSTOMER is or becomes illegal); or
  c) The partner with which TIGRE offered the website to the CUSTOMER has closed its relationship with TIGRE.
  d) If the CUSTOMER is inactive.

10. Applicable Law and Court

This agreement and all the claims or issues related to this website must be dealt with in accordance with the laws in force in Brazil, the court of the administrative region Joinville, Santa Catarina State being elected in this act.

© 2020 - Tigre S/A
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